Swedish Fashion Designer Lina Österman is truly a gem. As a former apprentice for Jens Laugesen and Martin Margiela, she launched her own brand “Pudel” in 2005 and graduated from Central Saint Martin´s in 2008. Then she launched her Label “Lina Österman” and received great applaus for in her own words “Dark Minimalistic Rock” aesthetic by press and buyers worldwide.

(This Interview was originally made for Oakazine)

You are working on an outfit for a band who was very succesful at the EMAs this years.Who is it?
Can’t tell now… but I can say it’s a collaboration between me and a rock fashion legend that I adore, and that it will be ready very soon…

Jared Leto and Lykke Li have donned your pieces on stage. What makes Lina Osterman so right for musicians?
We have a connection to each other, I can’t really explain. I have a big music interest myself and hang out with a lot of musicians and it’s often that way the collaboration starts.

If you could dress any artist in the world, who would it be?

Jack White. He’s such a talented musician and seams to be a cool guy.

Do you have some all time favorite bands? How does music inspire you?
Very much 70’s music such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, KAK, Q65, The Animals, MC5, T-Rex, Patti Smith, The Seeds etc.
The subculture of rock is a great inspiration. I read a lot of music articles and documentary photo books.

Where did the inspiration for your A/W Collection come from?
With my Lina Osterman collection I wanted to capture the mood of the Neil Young Harvest Moon cover. I just love it, he’s such an amazing
artist. I was using a lot of fringing, knitted capes, and suede jackets with mix of my signature stud rock look.

(Lina Ostermann AW10 – Photography Niclas Heikkinen)

I´ve read about a new Pudel Collection. When do we see the lookbook and what can we expect?
The look book will be available very soon and we have been using a lot of denim with different washes and mixing materials. In the knitwear
section we are more playful with attachable layers and un-expectable colours.

What three words would describe the Lina Osterman aesthetic?
Dark Minimalistic Rock

Knitwear has gotten increasingly popular these days and it was also your pathway to Central Saint Martins. Is there a renaissance going on?
Yes knitwear is amazing. I agree it’s been very popular lately, I think we have had some great knitwear designers coming out during the
last years which has opened up doors to the industry. One of them is Mark Fast, who I went to school with and his knitwear is just incredible.

(Pudel SS10)

When did you decide to start your own high end label?
It just happened. I was still studying the last year at Central St Martins and run Pudel at the same time when I got offered to show in
Paris. The same month as I graduated I had a showroom in Pairs for Fashion Week with my graduate collection. I got good feedback and some
great shops and it all went from there.

Is it hard to work on both Pudel and Lina Osterman?
Not at all. I love it. Pudel is my baby and I’ve had the brand since I was 21.The only thing that is hard is that I cannot split myself in
two, but everything has solutions so not a big problem. I really enjoy working with both brands and it gives me the opportunity to explore my creativity.

Why did you quit your blog?
I am not a blog person and didn’t find it necessarily to have one since I have a facebook page that we update regularly with news, and
most of the people have FB so let’s keep it simple.

What do you think about fashion bloggers and their influence on fashion these days?
They are everywhere and I guess we have to accept that this is how it is today… I think some of them are doing a great job though.

You are from Sweden, but you live and work in London. What makes London special for you and what are your favorite spots?
London is great. I been here for 8 years, and as I have spent most of my youth here it is now hard to move back to Sweden. I live and work
in Shoreditch, East London, where I feel is very inspiring. This area has a lot of creativity going on and also London is filled with
possibilities and things to do all the time.

What young designers from Sweden are on the rise at the moment?
No idea actually. I am a bit of an outsider when it comes to Swedish Fashion.
But I can recommend my friends band from Sweden / UK, Rodeo Massacre, who I feel are the rising musicians at the moment. I love their sound,
70’s psychedelic rock music with a female singer, a bit like Jefferson Airplane but in a modern way.