When we think of taking care of the eye the first thing that comes to mind is the eyelash loss. Especially ladies’ eyelash care is very important because they apply make-up products on them. If not applied right, there may be spillage on the lashes. So… do eyelashes grow back again?

Eye and eyelash care is very important because when you look at a person, the first place to look is the eyes. lashes make eyes stand out. As you know, one of the most important tasks of eyelashes is to protect your eyes from dust and soft impurities. If you do not take good care of your eyelashes, after a while, the lashes begin to spill and the spilled eyelashes are not protected from external factors that harm your eyes and your eyes will look aesthetically bad. Let’s do some Q&A for the frequently asked questions about this matter.

“Question: Do the spilled eyelashes grow again?”

Answer: Yes the spilled lashes will grow again.

“Question: Are the healthy eyelashes spilled too?”

Answer: Yes, healthy eyelashes are also spilled. Lashes renew theirselves every 100 days.

“Question: How long will the lashes come out again? ”

Answer: After 100 days, the lashes that fall out will re-grow within a period of one month, and will be spilled again after filling their 100 days of lifespan.

  • If you want your eyelashes not to spill, we will give you some advice below. Even if your eyelashes spill, it will make them look healthy overall. The lashes have an elongation phase of approximately 6 weeks. The lashes, which complete their elongation phase will stop growing after that.
  • If you want your lashes not to spill, do not rub your eyes constantly and make sure you clean up your makeup days. Eye care is important.
  • Avoid excessive eye and eyelash makeup. Excessive makeup will damage your lashes. In fact, some of your eyelashes can be lost indefinitely.
  • Never pull out your eyelashes! It’s not true that it will grow back after you pull them out.