Born in late 2008 in Berlin, is one of the best-known lifestyle guides in mid – Europe and is known for its vibrant coverage of music, fashion & lifestyle. It’s constantly updated by hosts from cities like London, Berlin, New York, Vienna, L.A. and beyond. 
by the way: Please mind that S.K.i.R is a bilingual Blog (German & English)! 

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New York & US: Cody Ross, Tami Sunderson, Lucas Logan
London & UK: Melinda Borszak, Rachel Stewart, Laela Viljön, Charlotte Hoyle
Vienna & Austria: Christina Burger. Gersin Livia Paya, Marlene Seifert, Leonie Soyel, Julia Alunovic, Katharina Ober
Berlin: Annie Farrington, Sophia Hoffmann

Photography by several artists, websites and more. We mention the credits at every single pic. If your are a photographer and it´s not ok for you, please drop us a line and we will remove it.

All content is user generated and spreads the author’s opinion, not the publisher’s.