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Info for PR Agencies:

1. It’s about relationships. Just like how it is with print, relationships with bloggers will make all the difference with bloggers. If you build a relationship with a blogger, please don’t make them feel like they have to say yes to all your pitches. One client may be great for one blog, but another client may not. Bloggers make that choice at the end of the day. Pushing them too much will damage your relationship.

2.. Make sure your pitch is relevant to the bloggers content. Getting my name right doesn’t matter if the pitch is something I would never post about in a million billion years.

3. Always include links to a valid website, usable images, 1000px or more so I can format to my blog. If you want the pretty blogs to post, send pretty pictures.

4. When you invite bloggers, be sure to have the time and address in text format, not on an image. Us bloggers keep everything in our Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal… and none of those can read the pixelated address on your invite image.

5. If you hold events, allow bloggers to create their own content, don’t try to control the content by not allowing photos or video. Bloggers have a special relationship with their readers because they tell their story in their own way. If you want access to that relationship, then you have to respect that. Granted, many bloggers will work with pre-created content, but again, that’s because of the relationship they built with their readers.

6. Don’t bribe us. Don’t offer invites to other events if we post about a crappy pitch you’re sending, it’s tacky. Don’t offer to send us free products if we already said we’re not interested.

7. Understand we talk to each other. Bloggers ask other bloggers about pitches, campaigns both good and bad. It’s a small world and word gets around. So keep that in mind.

Thanks for your attention. Words by Jennine Tamm.