UEFA Euro 2024 football tournament is about to begin this year. The biggest football event in Europe. It will be held in one country, Germany, from 14th June until 14th July 2024.

There will be no more headache on moving teams to different countries this time (remember last event is held in 11 different countries). Furthermore, it made UEFA easier on deciding seedings since only one host will be put into seeding consideration.

Up until now, 21 countries have qualified to participate in this Euro 2024 events. Three countries are still waiting for the Play Off matches in March.

There are several free and premium Euro 2024 Wallcharts you can use to see schedules and track your favorite team. Majority have score boxes where you can write scores. You can also find them in different size, from A1 to A4 paper size. Some are available offline or in printed materials, some are available in digital formats where you need to print it by yourself.

But, you can also put is as your computer wallpapers.

Here are five of them.

Euro 2024 Wallcharts with Automated Standings

This one has automated standing feature. It is an Euto 2024 schedule in Excel where you can use it digitally to track your team performance by typing scores in respective score fields. But, it has a beautiful visualization where you can print it and use it offline.

Euro 2024 Black and White Wallchart in A3 size.

This one has A3 size. It is in digital format. You need to open it in PDF and print it.

UEFA Official Euro 2024 Schedule

It is the official schedule where you can get it in UEFA website. As usual, it lays schedule based on venues and dates. It has colors to guide you on spotting particular group round matches as well as Knock Out round matches.

Euro 2024 Colorful Schedule Wallcharts

Here are several colorful wallcharts that you can download, open in PDF reader or Image Viewer where you can print.

Euro 2024 Wallcharts in Calendar Visualization

Instead of viewing Euro 2024 matches in general visualization (group and KO round matches with brackets), these wallcharts visualize them in dates in tabular formats. It fits you who want to print it and add your own notes, like events or activities, in blank date boxes.

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