FIFA World Cup 2022 is about to come. The biggest football tournament in the world. Held every four years. Fortunately, this tournament will go on schedule. Not like Euro 2020 where it has to be played one year behind its original schedule.

Also, fans are welcome in this tournament. No Covid19 limitation any more. Just go to Qatar and you can watch any games in any stadium around Doha. Yes, all eight stadiums are within 30 miles distance from Doha.

Like previous World Cups, playing prediction games with your friends, relatives, colleagues are one of routine activities during the tournament. Either just predicting who won the match or prediction who the Champion. You may expect surprise in this tournament. There are 2 reasons;

  1. It is played in November and December where it is not a common time (common time is June/July). Although FIFA has shift the tournament, still, the temperature is not friendly to teams from Europe
  2. It is held in Asia. Remember South Korea advanced to Semi Finals when they host the tournament in 2002

If you are looking for World Cup 2022 predictor game spreadsheets, or you prefer the spreadsheet version other than application, you can try one of these templates for your games.

World Cup 2022 Office Pool

What is it? It is a predictor game where you can with up to 100 players. The organizer needs to set the spreadsheet and choose their game scenario. The spreadsheet has plenty of features. You can set score prediction or set-and-forget game.

Score prediction means any players predict scores for actual matches. From the start until the final match.

Set-and-forget game means any players predict scores for all group matches and their own Knock Out round matches. Players can predict scores at once in the beginning and see their progress after each actual matches are completed.

There are bonus points awarded with certain criteria. There are up to 16 criteria to compensate any incorrect match prediction and to add more fun to the game.

This prediction game has several useful table to help you tracking your players. Like top 3 popular predictions and last 5 match earning points in players leader board table.

Try the free version. If you liked it, you can upgrade it to utilize all available features, and to accommodate more players.

World Cup 2022 Sharp Shooter Game

Like its title. This spreadsheet is more simple than the first one above. It is based on actual matches only. You got 1 point every time you predict score results correctly.

World Cup 2022 Simulator Game

Since it is based on scores, expect not to have players who can predict more than 20 matches correctly.

World Cup 2022 Racing Game

This one is similar with above game. Except, you just predict the outcome of any actual matches. Not score. Just predict the winner of each matches from all matches, plus draw in group stages.

World Cup 2022 Fantasy Football Game

World Cup 2022 Card Game

This one is intended to be played offline. You don’t need to predict all matches. Just matches that you watch with your friends either in your house, coffee shop, big screen in bars etc.

World Cup 2022 Score Card Game

Or, if you are running the bar or coffee shop, you can use this game to attract more visitors to your bar. Put the match on your big screen and let visitors compete for predicting the outcome of the match.

The organizer has a printable list and cards where they can distribute the cards and have them back before the match is started.

World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing Game

Last Man Standing Game is the popular game in football. The rule is simple. Predict winning team in each rounds. But, you can pick similar team to win. If you predict France to win the World Cup, you may pick it in the last round.

World Cup 2022 Last Man Standing Game

If your team doesn’t win, then you are eliminated from the contention. The game winner is the last man standing above all players regardless in which round he/she get eliminated.

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